Repairing a pair of Beats by Dr. Dre Studio

Someone recently came up to me asking whether I could repair his headphones. I was expecting it to be the typical bad connection on the jack, but it turned out to be something more difficult.
Thrilled by the challenge I accepted the offer of repairing his headphones and I took them home.

The problem turned out to be more difficult to solve than I anticipated, but I did end up solving the initial problem. However after came to the conclusion that the right driver is messed up, most likely irreparably.


10 of the greatest anime Openings/Endings

Let's stretch the definition of a music and audio blog a bit to accomodate for my third passion: anime (and manga). In particular the openings and endings of anime, which are practically just music videos almost always 1:30 in length. It seems strange, but a good opening and ending can make or break an anime in my opinion. Kanon (second version) for example is an excellent anime, but the horrible OP/ED ruined it for me.


How to recognize pretentious audiophiles

I'm personally of the opinion that audiophilia is a good hobby to spent your free time (and money) on. However I can't help but be sickened by the people who take this hobby one step too far. This hobby should be about science, and not about pursuing psuedoscientific myths as some people think. The problem is however that most professional audiophile magazines and websites claim that things such as $1,000 cables really do make a difference. Novice audiophiles then also start believing this kind of rubbish, as they believe such authority figures don't lie. The couldn't be more wrong.

The White Stripes - 'Elephant'

Title: Elephant
Artist: The White Stripes
Date: 2003
Genre: Garage, Punk Blues, Alt Rock

Total length: 50 minutes, 14 tracks

Main personnel:
Jack White: Guitar, Vocals
Meg White: Drums, Vocals (Track 5)

Rating: 8/10