Joanna Newsom - 'Ys'

Title: Ys
Artist: Joanna Newsom
Date: 2006
Genre: Indie Folk

Total length: 56 minutes, 5 tracks
Download link: MP3 (CBR 320)
Download link: MP3 (CBR 192)

Main personnel:
Joanna Newsom: Harp, pedal harp, vocals

Since an entire orchestra was used for this album I won't go any further than this one person.

Rating: 9/10 - Incredible
Compared to other albums of Joanna Newsom this album is a revelation. I wouldn't go as far as saying the other two albums are bad, but this is on a completely different level in my opinion.  This album impressed me right from the first note.  I found that on multiple listens it quickly becomes less impressive, but it's still worth it. It turns out that the lyrics are quite elaborate, which is something I noticed right from the start as well.
My advice is to just listen to this once. I'd be surprised if you are not impressed by this masterpiece. In fact this is the only album that ever made me shiver on first listen.